Sequoyah Birthplace Museum

The Sequoyah Birthplace Museum in Vonore opened in 1986 to promote the understanding and appreciation of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians history and culture. The centerpiece being the life and contributions of Sequoyah, creator of the Cherokee Writing System. While enlisted in the War of 1812, Sequoyah became to understand the power of written word. After the war, with no ability to read or write himself, Sequoyah started his work to create a writing and writing system for the Cherokee language. In 1821, after 12 years of work, Sequoyah introduced his syllabary to the Cherokee people. Within months thousands of Cherokee became literate. By 1828 they were publishing the “Cherokee Phoenix”, the first national bilingual newspaper. Sequoyah was awarded a silver medal by the Cherokee Nation for his contributions and service to the Cherokee people, a dedication he continued as a statesman and diplomat until his death.

For the past thirty years, Sequoyah Birthplace Museum has successfully promoted this history, the continued goal of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians for the museum. The  Sequoyah Birthplace Museum has completed the major renovation that began last year. The new museum experience includes the latest audio-visual technology bringing the Cherokee Nation and the man, Sequoyah to life. Innovative exhibits are now enjoyed within the two main theaters, assorted audio-visual programs throughout and life-cast figures created from living models to present Sequoyah in age progression from 10 years old to about 45 years of age. The new collection of artifacts and engaging exhibits illustrates the forward thinking of this great man and takes each visitor back in time unfolding history.

The 2.7 Million Dollar Renovation Is Complete!

Advanced media technologies and electronics enhance visitors’ enjoyment of this all new exhibit. It portrays the Cherokee life and the legacy of Sequoyah in an all new multi-million dollar remodeled museum open now! The modern museum includes videos, dioramas, new additions to the Native American artifacts, paintings and interactive tools telling the story of this great man and the Cherokee Indian people.  

Sequoyah Remembrance Day
August 5, 12:30 - 4pm

The Sequoyah Birthplace Museum will observe Sequoyah Remembrance Day on Sunday, Aug.5, 2018 from 12:30-4 p.m. with free admission to the Museum. Cherokee artisans will be on hand to demonstrate their skills and art. This is a day to remember the man, Sequoyah, who gave the Cherokee people their own written language. Sequoyah Remembrance Day is celebrated the first Sunday of August every year.

Monroe Life Balloon Fiesta
September 1 & 2,  2 - 10pm 

The museum is going to host a new event this year, the 6th Annual Monroe Life Balloon Fiesta. Over 20 Hot Air Balloon pilots! The Balloon Fiesta has many wonderful events over the course of Labor Day Weekend, such as tethered balloon rides, craft stations and activities for the kids. Each day ends at dusk with a beautiful Balloon Glow to music! This event is a fundraiser for CASA Monroe.

27th Annual Cherokee Fall Festival
September 8 & 9, Hours 10am - 5pm

The Cherokee Festival holds many artisans making crafts such as basket weaving, traditional Native American food, and music and dance from the tribes. There are also lectures to listen to about the history of the Cherokee.

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